What? Who? Why?

Big, beautiful, iconic, and highly endangered, the whooping crane – and the unfolding story of its survival against the odds – offers us, I do believe, one of the most memorable wildlife epics of our time. The story pairs the power of nature to endure with the creative power of humans to improve on our many intersections with the natural world.

I started The Badger and the Whooping Crane to join – and hopefully amplify in any small way I can – the chorus of voices telling this story, and in particular, to highlight Wisconsin’s considerable role, since 2001, in this drama.

In between crane news I like to tap the rich vein of news about natural resources in Wisconsin, and share as much as I can. There’s always so much to talk about. 

If you’d like more info about the blog, there is more, on the “About” page.

2 thoughts on “What? Who? Why?

  1. Wondering now about the differences between the whooping crane and the sandhill crane. So several sandhills on the way back home from the lower peninsula this week. I think they are so beautiful.

    • Sandhill cranes certainly are beautiful. That’s a great question you ask about the difference between the sandhills and whoopers! They are just 2 species among the 15 different species of cranes world wide, but they are the only 2 species native here in North America. The relatively few whooping cranes in Wisconsin – between 90 and 95 right now – often hang out with the much more plentiful sandhills. But there are real differences between the two, and I really should do a post about them. Thanks for reminding me of that, Kathy.

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