The Accidental Craniac

Today I’m reblogging a gem from a friend, Ingrid, who blogs at Live, Laugh, RV, where she published these insights and glorious crane photos after visiting the International Crane Foundation in August.

She and I met up for a long luncheon chat at Sturgeon Bay’s busy little Bluefront Cafe right after she had been to the crane foundation. This is remarkable only for the fact that it was actually the first time we had ever met in the real world. Ingrid and her husband Al, formerly of Colorado, are full-time RV-ers, meaning that “home” for them is anywhere they point their house on wheels. For a couple of weeks this past August, it’s Wisconsin they were calling “home.”

"Seen any whoopers?" people kept asking her. (Photo by Ingrid at "Live, Laugh, RV; used with permission)

“Seen any whoopers?” people kept asking her. (Photo by Ingrid at “Live, Laugh, RV; used with permission)

When I first encountered Ingrid in the blogosphere two years ago, she didn’t quite know what a “craniac” was. In fact, she didn’t even know what a whooping crane was when she was first photographing them all over Rockport, TX – framing shot, after amazing shot – until someone said. . . . . .

Never mind. Ingrid explains it best, just below. Right there in her post, “The Accidental Craniac:”  Have a look!

2 thoughts on “The Accidental Craniac

  1. Thank you for the reblog. Cranes have a way of captivating ones heart. I know they have mine. It was a pleasure meeting you in person and chatting over lunch in beautiful Door County.

  2. Oh, and thanks back to you, Ingrid. Just the way I feel, too – surprised to find whoopers on my mind so much!! The fact they are so big and beautiful is part of it . . . but not all of it, I don’t believe.
    Do come back and enjoy some more of the beautiful in Door County. One more place, on that long and growing list, that’s worth a repeat.

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