Monday Morning Blogging: Impatient for Peak Fall Colors?

A bit of peak color is showing here, along Highway 42, one mile north of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin:

2015-09-29 15.02.38-2


But look at the rest of the trees in the neighborhood:

2015-09-29 15.03.05

Every one of the photos used with this blog post were taken last week Tuesday, Sept. 29th, near Egg Harbor. Any changes that may have occurred since then – and there must have been some – were imperceptible yesterday, a steely gray day in Door County, Wisconsin

Although Travel Wisconsin’s 2015 Fall Color Report, is showing most of Wisconsin with significant color, that’s not so in Door County. Currently, Door County is rated as having only 10% of peak color.

This comes as a bit of surprise, given the fact that early – as early as mid August! – there were little tiny bursts of color like this, (place your cursor on the photo below, and the small cluster of bright orange leaves right in the middle, comes into focus):

2015-09-29 15.04.02-2


Door County always seems to catch us by surprise, with a few turning leaves so early. Though this picture, above, was snapped Sept. 29th, there were a few spots just like this around Door County, that could be discovered by the sharp-eyed in mid-August!

And this year, by early September there were spots of color like this picture, below, all over the county. Parts of trees, half trees, and whole trees seemed to be changing color fast by early September:

2015-09-29 15.13.31



2015-09-29 14.57.18

But now, it’ true we’re seeing little change  Right now, the march of fall colors seems to be stalled and mostly we’re seeing sights like this one, above:

While waiting for more like this one, below: 

2015-09-29 15.13.06


In the meantime, we’ll be checking Travel Wisconsin, the official site of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, and their interactive 2015 Color Map for statewide and local county updates. And we will be patient, waiting for the “peak color” because without a doubt, it will come.

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