The Gifts of the Blogosphere: Enjoy a Slice of Blogging Pie

Happy Christmas and Winter Holiday Season to readers and fellow bloggers! This gift-giving time of the year is the perfect time for me to contemplate the gifts of the wordpress blogging community.

If I’d known about the community when launching The Badger & the Whooping Crane – I had no clue – I think it would have been last on my list of priorities, That would have been a mistake. Other bloggers give the blog crucial support and expand its reach. And their own blogging projects are rich and fascinating.

Grateful now for the great gift of blog follows, I’d like to share today a small sample of my own tiny slice of the enormous WordPress blogging pie. From my very first follower, Jeremy Sell at The Life of Your Times, a natural science blog, to my newest, Joshua Mayer who is blogging his long and detailed photographic journey through Wisconsin’s State Natural Areas, the news of each new follower arrived in my email as a complete, but happy surprise!

Among the blogs I’ve followed, that have returned the favor are science blogs, as well as citizen scientists blogs, and master gardener blogs; writer blogs and photo blogs, birder blogs, and walker blogs; they include travel blogs, and full-time RV-er blogs, mom blogs and homebody blogs. Each is a window into another world.

There’s Ingrid’s at Live, Laugh, RV, who is at home in Phoenix and On the Road as a full time RV-er blogging about new and beautiful sights, and routes and campgrounds and other on-the-road issues. But the day I first encountered her, Ingrid was in Texas near the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and blogging her delightful impressions of a new discovery – the big, white birds (they were whoopers!) that she was repeatedly seeing and photographing! And there’s Sheila at Wolfsong Blog, one half of an RV couple, a birder, a nature and animal lover, and a passionate amateur photographer. Check out the list of equipment this amateur is working with now!

And Jolynn Powers who writes West Virginia Mountain Mama, and who says on her front page “I love to forage, hunt, homestead, garden, and cook. I take photos . . . and try in my own way to show the wonder of what I see in my woods.” Jolynn has what I think of as the ultimate homebody blog (pies, crafts, some West Virginia rambles). Her blog gives these rambles and recipes and life stories another dimension, while leading her down new blog paths; well described here, in a post about the blogging addiction. “You are in deep now. . .” writes Jolynn, and like her, we know it.

For a different blogging ramble I visit Forest Garden where its creator, Woodland Gnome blends garden photography with words, reflections, and also, sometimes, perfect quotes from other authors. The Gnome blends all these with all the skill of a Monet or Renoir.

Sometimes I leap over to South Africa where “the call of the wild beckons here at the edge of the south-western tip of Africa,” and Liz Hardman is busy photographing and blogging it, reflecting it back through Nature on the Edge to the rest of the world.

There are more, of course that I could share; would love to share. But this is already a long post, and as a WordPress writer or reader, you’ve made some fortunate discoveries of your own like these. And you know there are so many more worlds to be discovered right here within the blogging universe. Again, Merry Christmas Season, to you.

9 thoughts on “The Gifts of the Blogosphere: Enjoy a Slice of Blogging Pie

  1. Such kindness! Thank you for highlighting your community with this beautiful post. I’m am looking forward to following your trail of fruitcake crumbs here to enjoy some other wonderful blogs. Merry Christmas! ❤

    • Thanks, Woodlandgnome! I hoped I was doing some good with this – it just seemed like a natural once I got into the groove, but you never know. I do know you’ll enjoy the fruitcake crumbs, though. Merry Christmas back to you, too.

  2. Thank you for the mention and I look forward to checking out the other blogs. I’m on my way to commune with my feathered friends for the month of January. Rumor has it with all the rain TX has received, there’s an abundance of blue crabs and the whoopers are in dining heaven. Stay tuned for lots of whooping crane photos (I hope, anyway). Wishing you a wonderful new year 🙂

  3. Thank you Kathlin for the kind mention to natureontheedge. And I read Ingrid’s above comment with much interest. The survival of this charismatic species is a fascinating one. Very glad to have come across your blog.

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